How to Volunteer at USAID. USAID stands for United States Agency for International Development. USAID focuses on bringing financial support, health care and democracy to areas in Africa, Asia and the Near East, Latin American, the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia. The agency has provided support to countries that need assistance for several decades. Read on to learn more.

Volunteer at USAID

Visit the USAID official website for more information about the agency and volunteer opportunities (see Resources below). Call the USAID information line to ask general questions about how to volunteer with the USAID agency. Dial 202-712-4810 to talk with an information specialist.

Find a private non-profit organization working with USAID to volunteer with. Organizations that are registered with USAID are called U.S. Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO's). Download the VOLAG report which names almost 500 PVO's and gives their contact information at the USAID official website by searching for keyword "VOLAG."

Volunteer with USAID as a Peace Corps volunteer. Request information from USAID about starting up an independent Small Project Assistance Program (SPA) in almost any country where the Peace Corps operates, as SPAs are developed and run by Peace Corps volunteers and funded by USAID. Contact the director of the Office of Private Voluntary Cooperation--American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (PVC-ASHA).

Register your non-profit organization with USAID to take part in overseas volunteer work. A non-profit organization must meet eight standard conditions and must register with the USAID registrar for PVC-ASHA. Application information can be found on the USAID website by searching for keyword "PVC-ASHA."

Propose a nongovernmental organization (NGO) related research project to PVC through the Annual Program Statement for Research. U.S. based volunteer organizations registered with USAID are eligible to receive a grant to fund these special research initiatives through the PVC. Call PVC-ASHA at 202-712-0840 for more information or visit online.

Consider a career that allows you to volunteer your time to assist USAID with their overseas agenda. Search the employment opportunities on the USAID website.

Contact the USAID Office of Women in Development (EGAT/WID) to ask about volunteer opportunities and what you can do to help. Call them at 202-216-3173.

Share your story about working with USAID after you have volunteered through the "Telling Our Story" program. Submit a story online through the USAID website (see Resources below).


  • Know that to gain employment with USAID, you must have a graduate or doctorate degree in a pertinent field.