How to Start a Secret Society

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Perhaps you've fantasized about belonging to an elite organization but never found any you were interested in or suited for. You don't have to wait for one to open up. You can start your own group or secret society in which you can be the one in charge and choose the people you want to be a part of it. Setting up a secret society requires certain considerations to get it off the ground.

Decide what your secret society will be about.

Determine an appropriate name for your secret society that is catchy, unique and easy to remember. Make sure it is legally feasible, however, and doesn't infringe on a trademark.

Speak with friends you know would be interested in helping you start a secret society. Begin with two or three individuals you consider trustworthy and who will not share what you've discussed. Invite others through special invitation only to join, if you and other current members feel they would be suitable and bring something positive to your organization. In order for your group to maintain its secrecy, limit how many individuals are allowed to join.

Determine what dues you require members to pay, whether monthly or annually.

Come up with a written charter. Include a description of your secret society and its purpose, specific rules and regulations, a conduct code, a commitment to secrecy, and penalties for betraying that secrecy. Require new members to sign a copy of this charter upon being approved.

Create special rituals such as a secret oath, a special ceremony for initiation or induction into the group and secret passwords to which only members are privy.

Find a special place to meet, such as a single location or different locations each time. Wherever you meet should be a physically safe place that provides you with the utmost privacy. Establish what days, dates and times you will congregate.

Keep things enjoyable. Maintain the interest of members by having regular activities and events that are legal and cause no harm to others.