Proper Etiquette for Wearing Name Tags

A man holds a blank name tag.
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Wearing a name tag is standard at any event where participants may not know each other. Writing your name properly on the tag and putting it in the right place are essential to meeting new people at events. Knowing the proper etiquette for wearing a name tag will set you apart from the crowd.

Write your name clearly across the center of the name tag. Use all capital letters. Write your names in spoken order, first name first, followed by your last name. Write large enough so you don’t have a lot of extra white space on the name tag, and so people do not have to squint to read your name.

Place your name tag high on the right side of your chest. This places the name tag close to your face to help others with name/face recognition, and follows the natural line of sight from your right hand up to your face when someone shakes your hand. Put the name tag on the shoulder where it will lay flat and straight against your chest.

Hold any other items you have with you such as a briefcase, purse or coffee cup in your left hand or over your left shoulder. A shoulder strap over your right shoulder could accidentally cover up your name tag or make it fall crooked. Keeping things out of your right hand ensures you’re always ready for a friendly handshake.

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