How to Replace Lost Military Dog Tags

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Military dog tags are identifier tags that every member of the military wears any time he or she is on duty. Most will also wear them when they are off duty as well. The military dog tag contains the military member’s name, social security number, blood type, branch and religion. Two tags are worn so that in the event the military member is killed, one can be removed for notification purposes and one can remain with the body.

1 Call or visit the unit supply shop

Call or visit the unit supply shop to have lost military dog tags replaced. Most units will have blank dog tags as well as an embosser as a normal supply items. The military dog tags can be replaced easily and quickly if they are lost. By going to supply, the military member may be punished for the loss of the dog tags. This is particularly true for lower ranking military members.

2 Go to the military exchange on post

Go to the military exchange on post. The military exchange has a uniform section that provides all uniforms and components for military members including dog tags. The military member will have to pay to replace the dog tags from the military exchange.

3 Replace lost military dog tags lost

Replace lost military dog tags at an off-post surplus or military supply store. Many military retail establishments offer dog tags for sale and will emboss them on site. Proper identification may be needed depending on the store’s policies. As with the military exchange, these dog tags will cost the military member a small fee. Retail and surplus stores may also have silencers available for dog tags which is a rubber guard that prevents the dog tags from making noise when they rub or hit each other.

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