How to Get Rid of Spirit Attachments

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The spiritual realm is a world that is often misconceived or disbelieved when it comes to its effects on the natural realm. Spirits are energies, whether negative or positive, that can affect our day-to-day lives and influence our choices. Sometimes negative spirits can attach themselves to you, or you may be haunted by an unwanted energy. In this case, a spiritual exorcism must be performed to abolish the negative energy or disperse it from your life.

Ask the presence to leave you. Talking to the spirit will alert it that you are aware of its presence and want it to leave. In some cases, the spirit will simply leave you after this is done. Some spirits will resist, and it will be necessary to announce by whose authority they are cast out, such as in the name of God or your higher power.

Anoint the infested area. Anointing the area can be done using many different items. Oil, water and salt are commonly sprinkled in an infected area to rid it of supernatural forces. Try lighting candles and incense, as fire is a natural and spiritual cleansing element. Spread the smoke of these around the area you are removing the spirits from. Having these items blessed by a spiritual leader or pastor may help to empower them all the more.

Pray that the spirit leave. Meditation and prayer is one way to get in touch with the supernatural realm. It is believed that prayer can help send messages to your ancestors who have passed before you, and they will ask the spirits to leave or protect you from them. You may also conduct prayer in your own traditional manner to demand the spirits detach from you. Praying over nonperishable items, such as clothing and new furniture, before bringing them into your house can help prevent you from carrying in new spirits attached to inanimate objects.

Open a physical pathway for the spirit to leave. This can be a door or window that remains open while you ask the spirit to go. Making a physical path of exit will allow the spirit to leave without attaching to other people or harming anyone. Stay clear of the path when doing this, and ensure you show no fear, as a spirit will sense this and remain, despite your best efforts, if its intent is sinister.

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