How do I Cleanse a House With a Sage Stick & Sea Salt?

Cleanse your home with sage smoke and sea salt.

A home cleanse with sea salt and a sage stick (also known as "smudging") can remove negative energy that may be cluttering your home. You may wish to perform a cleanse to address a bug problem, celebrate the change of seasons, bless a new home or use for other occasions. Feel free to adapt the instructions as you see fit for your home.

Light the end of the sage smudge stick with the lighter. Allow the flame to get going, and then blow it out so that the embers smolder and release the sage smoke. Hold a plate underneath the end of the smudge stick to catch any ash as it falls.

Walk around the house while gently waving the smudge stick so that the smoke spreads to all rooms that need cleansing. Give extra attention to each room's doorway, front and back. Be sure to get smudging smoke in each of the corners of the room.

Quietly intone an optional blessing of your choice. This may be an ancient Vedic blessing, a formal religious blessing or simply words that resonate to you. The blessing will help focus your intentions during the cleanse. Visualize the cleansed room as you smudge.

Smudge yourself if desired by fanning the sage stick from your head to toe. Visualize the smoke carrying away negative or cluttered thoughts.

Open all doors and windows as you go to allow the sage smoke to circulate through the house.

Fill several small bowls with sea salt. Place the bowls in areas of the house that require particularly strong cleansing energy. Add crystals to the bowls as desired for added effect.

Mix a few tablespoons of sea salt with one cup of water in a small bowl. Dip your fingers in the salt water and sprinkle it throughout the house.

Perform the cleansing ceremony again every six months, or as necessary.

Erica Dreisbach is a freelance writer and artist, and has been writing professionally since 2007. She has written articles for eHow and Constant Content, and blogged for Social Venture Network and Open Produce.