How to Find an Animal Spirit Guide

Your cat can be your spirit guide.

We can learn a lot from animals both in the physical and spirit form. By watching the animals around us we learn how to live with nature and to trust our instincts. Our animal spirit guides can bring us messages of guidance and offer their protection to shield us from negative energy. But we must be open to our animal spirit guide and the messages our guide brings. Although there are many ways of contacting your animal spirit guide we will use a simple and basic method to help you find your animal spirit guide.

Choose a quiet space where you can relax. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Choose an area as far away from distraction as possible. You may burn candles and/or incense if these elements help you to relax but they are not necessary.

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a few deep relaxing breaths to help you assume a meditative state.

Visualize yourself in a nature setting. Imagine yourself in a forest, on a mountain top or sitting by a clear stream. It doesn't matter what nature setting you choose as long as you are comfortable. Hear the sounds of nature all around you. Look at the beauty of nature. Really look at it. Feel the breeze blowing through your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Use all of your senses and visualize as fully as you can.

Ask your animal spirit guide to reveal itself to you.Tell your animal spirit guide that you are ready to meet and would like any guidance he could offer you. Release any preconceived notion of how your animal spirit guide should appear. The teachings of a squirrel or robin are just as meaningful as those of a bear or wolf. You will not choose your guide. Your animal spirit guide will choose you. Now, relax and wait patiently for your animal spirit guide to make its presence known to you.

Observe any animals or insects that may appear. Pay close attention to any signs or symbols you may notice. Animal spirit guides will most often communicate with you through symbolism. You will learn to interpret these symbols and their personal meanings to you and your life circumstances.

Ask your animal spirit guide if he has any messages for you when he appears. Take note of any guidance you receive. Thank your animal spirit guide for meeting with you and for his guidance. Take a few deep breaths and slowly visualize yourself back in your current surroundings. Open your eyes and return to your normal state. If your animal spirit guide did not appear to you it does not mean that you don't have a guide but that the time is not right for the meeting. Try again at a later time. When the time is right your animal spirit guide will appear.

Write down everything that you remember about your meeting with your animal spirit guide. It is wise to keep a journal to record all messages and symbolism that you receive each time you meet. It is important to note that you may meet different animals at different times since you may have more than one animal spirit guide. Your animal spirit guide may change from time to time to bring you guidance that is important to your current life path and circumstances.

Darlene Zagata has been a professional writer since 2001, specializing in health, parenting and pet care. She is the author of two books and a contributing author to several anthologies. Zagata attended the Laurel Business Institute to study in the medical assistant/secretarial program. She earned her associate degree through the U.S. Career Institute.