How to Register to Vote Republican. No matter what political party you support, you must be registered in order to vote in any local, state or federal election in the United States. Registering with a party gives you the added ability to vote in the party's primary elections. By registering to vote as Republican, you can participate in Republican primaries and be considered an official member of the Republican Party.

Determine if the Republican Party is right for you. Think carefully about your political positions before you join the Republican Party and see if they match up with what the party stands for. The party typically stands for limited government on economic issues, but for more government regulation on social issues such as abortion.

Read the Republican Party platform to see how well your opinions match up with those of the party. Log on to the official Republican Party website and choose "Party Platform" from the "About the GOP" menu.

Look into whether you need to register to vote. If you have moved to a new address, changed your name, or if you did not vote in the last presidential election and have not voted since, your registration must be updated.

Register to vote by filling out a voter registration form. Get the form from a post office, the DMV or from the website of your county or state. Follow the instructions provided on the form in order to properly fill it out and turn it in.

Look for the party identification box on the form. A list of political parties recognized by your state are displayed. Check "Republican Party" to register to vote as a Republican.

Wait to receive your voter registration card in the mail. You should receive a card in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks confirming you have registered to vote as a Republican. The card also tells you where your official polling place is.


  • Be sure to check the voter registration form over to make sure all the information is correct. Also, be sure to sign and date the form. Register to vote again if you are unsure if your registration is up-to-date. It does not hurt to turn in another voter registration form if you are already registered.