Microsoft Outlook 2013 includes a voting button feature that can streamline the process of conducting email questionnaires within in your organization or department. You can specify the options with regards to a question posed to the recipient and he can reply by selecting one of the preset responses. In order to make use of the voting buttons you must have a Microsoft Server account, which makes it unsuitable for questionnaires outside of your organization. After receiving responses to your questionnaire, you can export the results to Excel for further analysis.

Step 1

Click "New Email" from the "Home" tab in Outlook 2013 and fill in the "To" as well as "Subject" fields.

Step 2

Click the "Options" tab and select "Use Voting Buttons" from the tracking group.

Step 3

Select "Custom" and then type the options, separated by semi-colons in the "Use voting buttons" field.

Step 4

Click the check boxes next to "Request a delivery receipt for this message" and "Request a read receipt for this message" and then click "Close."

Step 5

Type your question in the body of the email and then click the "Send" button. Recipients can use the voting buttons to respond to the question you posed.