How to Play the Toilet Paper Bride Game at a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an opportunity to give the bride-to-be a stellar sendoff into a new phase of life. Humorous entertainment such as the toilet paper bride game makes the event fun for all attendees as they spend time playing clothing designer with a must-have household staple -- toilet paper.

1 Team Spirit

Teams are a requirement for the toilet paper bride game. Divide the shower attendees into groups of four or five -- four for a small group, five for larger gatherings. Have guests count off in order: The person closest to one end of the room is on team 1, the second is on team 2, and so on, starting back at 1 after reaching 4 or 5. Team 1 -- each person who counted "1" -- gathers in one area, team 2 in another, until all teams are grouped. If some teams have one player less than others, that's fine; it won't affect the outcome of the game. The bride-to-be isn't included in the teams, as she is the judge for the game.

2 Paper Aplenty

The only supply you'll need for this is toilet paper -- plenty of it. Supply at least one four-pack of paper to each team, or opt for the inexpensive larger packages containing six, nine or even 12 rolls for additional gaming supplies. Each team gets an equal amount of toilet paper, no matter how many players are on the team. Use all the same brand of toilet paper to be fair, so the dress "fabric" is consistent from team to team. Each team also receives a roll of masking tape to help the paper stay put, but the team must use the tape minimally.

3 Getting Started

One player on each team is designated as the bride -- this person may volunteer, or the bride-to-be can pick the game brides for even more laughs. Each team opens its packs of toilet paper, and the bride-to-be decides how much time to allow; 10 to 20 minutes is ample time. Once the bride-to-be says "go," each team decorates its bride with the toilet paper, making the best wedding gown possible out of paper.

4 Judging the Game

At the end of the allotted time, the bride-to-be tells the teams to stop, and each papered person must walk to the front of the room and show off her toilet paper gown. All papered contestants may stand at the front at the same time; the bride-to-be judges which gown is the best and that team wins the game.

5 Extra Ideas

If the bridal shower is more of a wedding shower -- with men included -- have the men act as models for the toilet paper gowns for additional laughs. If that seems a bit too much for the guys, dress them as toilet paper grooms instead. For variations on the game, offer prizes for "most durable dress," "most creative dress" and "most ridiculous dress." Prizes may be small dollar-store trophies, treats or trinkets. If children are at the shower, they may have their own team or teams.

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