Jelly beans in a glass jar.

An estimation jar adds an interactive experience for guests at a fundraiser, offering them a chance to win a prize if they closely guess the number of items in the jar. In some cases, the contents of the jar are the prize; for instance, if the jar is filled with candy. Pick a filler that has some connection with the theme of the fundraiser for added meaning.

Sweet Treats

Jellybeans are a colorful attraction that draws fundraiser guests to the jar, enticing them to participate in the guessing game. Use a gallon-sized plastic jar or an apothecary jar to draw attention from across a room. If children may guess, do not allow them to pick up the jar, or use plastic to ensure safety. Wrapped chocolate candies are an alternative to jellybeans and are individually wrapped for sharing, suitable as a prize. Tiny hot-cinnamon candies make the guessing game more difficult since many fit into a jar. Use a smaller jar, if desired.

Coin Collection

Fill the jar with pennies for a complicated guessing game, or display a jar previously used to collect coins, encouraging guests to guess how much money has been donated in that particular jar after paying a small donation to participate. The winner gets a prize such as a travel mug or a small percentage of the cash collected.