How to Organize a Division Officer's Record

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A division officer's record form is used by the U.S. Navy as a one-stop look into the officer's career, accomplishments and awards. A standard format, outlined by Navy Personnel Form 1070/6, is the only form the Navy accepts. Each item notated on NAVPERS Form 1070/6 must be backed by certificates, diplomas, official orders from the Department of the Navy or other proof of accomplishment. The documents in a division officer's record should be organized according to the order required on NAVPERS Form 1070/6.

1 Place NAVPERS Form

Place NAVPERS Form 1070/6 in an open file folder so that supporting documents can be placed behind it.

2 Place the officer's

Place the officer's official Department of the Navy orders directing him to his current station directly behind NAVPERS Form 1070/6.

3 Put marriage certificates

Put marriage certificates, divorce decrees or other marriage-related paperwork behind the Navy orders. If more than one marriage certificate or divorce decree exists from multiple marriages, place the most recent document nearest the Navy orders. Place the earliest document behind all other documents. For example, if the officer was divorced in both 2001 and 2005, place the 2005 divorce decree nearest the Navy orders and the 2001 decree farthest from them.

Place child custody and child support orders from a civilian court behind marriage and divorce certificates. As with marriage certificates and divorce decrees, custody and child support documents belong in chronological order with the most recent toward the front of the file.

File authorizations for awards, certificates and medals in chronological order behind child support and custody documents. The most recent authorizations belong near the front of the file and the oldest belong at the back.

Place diplomas and degrees in the file in chronological order.

Complete the division officer's file by adding Naval education transcripts to the back of the folder.

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