How to Obtain Cell Phone Call Records for Free

Whether you think you've been charged for cell phone calls you didn't make or whether you want to divvy up who owes what for a shared cell phone service, you need to obtain cell phone call records. Cell phone call records usually come in a multipage report that shows which numbers were dialed and received into a given cell phone plan during a particular service cycle. There are some things you can do to obtain this list for free.

Wait for your bill to come. Certain cell phone carriers provide cell phone call records for free automatically each month. These records come with each bill. If you know which date your bill usually arrives each month, wait for that day to view your cell phone call records.

Call your cell phone carrier customer service and ask about the specific question you have about your call record. A customer service representative usually is able to provide you with this kind of specific information over the phone at no cost to you.

Ask a customer service representative from your cell phone carrier to provide you with a copy of your cell phone records for free, since they messed up your bill and you want to check it. If you make it an urgent request and tell them you have every intention of paying the part of the bill that you owe, they may give you your cell phone call records for free.

Sign up for an online account with your cell phone provider's website. This is usually a free service. If you sign into your account and click on "Phone Records" or a similar link you can generally find a list of the cell phone call records you are seeking for free.

Print out the records you find from your cell phone provider's website to obtain a hard copy of your cell phone call records for free.