How to Make a Care Bag for the Homeless

Along with donating care bags to homeless shelters, volunteer your time at the shelter as well.

Homeless people often rely on the generosity of strangers and nonprofit organizations for assistance when they lack a roof over their heads. Giving care bags to the homeless can supply these individuals with items that may be difficult to come across and provide a touch of kindness during a period of their life when they need it the most. While it may not be feasible to wander the streets looking for homeless recipients for your care bags, you can donate your packaged items to local homeless shelters.

Contact area homeless shelters to determine how many care bags will need to be made.

Create piles out of similar items that will go into the care bag, and line them up in a row across a table or the floor.

Take one of each item as you go down the line, and place it in the resealable bag.

Seal the bag securely, and place it in a sturdy box or tote for convenient transport.

Repeat the process until you have completed making all your care bags.

Set up a time and date in which you personally can hand over the care bags to officials who run the homeless shelter.

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