Make a Bible Costume

Most Bible costumes are easy to make as the original garments were indeed simple and functional. A basic Bible costume will be made in earth tones, but bolder colors are used for more pronounced characters like queens and kings. Characters like Noah and Daniel are easy to impersonate with this no-nonsense outfit. A Bible costume can be stored and used for future plays, dramas, skits or even Halloween. Here's how to make a Bible costume quickly and easily.

Use a twin sheet to make a gown or robe. This will be the main part of your Bible costume. Cut a circle with your scissors in the center of your sheet. You may want to use a plate or something round to use as a cut-out pattern. Trace the circle on to your sheet with a pencil.

Trim the length of the sheet at the ankles so the sandals show. Also cut out holes for your arms to be able to move. You can wear a tunic or T-shirt underneath if you don't want to show too much skin.

Tie your costume by cinching it around your waist with a rope. A loose knot will be fine. Let it dangle on the left or right side. Alternatively you could use a length of material in accenting colors to the gown and create a sash-type wrap as a belt.

Wear some simple plain leather sandals. Choose an inexpensive shoe that has very little metals or intricate detail. Simple is best when selecting shoes for your Bible costume. You could also choose sandals that wrap around the ankles with leather straps.

Place the yard of fabric on your head as a head covering. You'll want to place on top of your head but not covering your face. You want the back to be long but not so long it makes it difficult to walk. Waist-length is perfect.

Things Needed

  • ['Twin flat sheet in an earth tone', 'Scissors', 'Rope', 'Leather-strapped sandals', 'Two yards of tan-colored fabric', 'Pencil']


  • Add a plain walking stick to your costume to look like a shepherd. Tuck a short plastic sword in your belt to look like a temple guard or even Samson.