PCH Prize Patrol

The PCH Prize Patrol is part of the company Publishers Clearinghouse and they are responsible for delivering prize money to the winners of their contests. The best way to increase the odds of the PCH Prize Patrol visiting your house is by entering as many PCH contests as possible. This means paying attention and staying on top of all the entry forms that come in the mail as well as online entries that are available. Increasing your entry into the contests is sure to increase your odds for seeing the PCH Prize Patrol at your doorstep.

Publishers Clearinghouse is famous for sending out their contest forms through the mail and that is the way that most consumers have grown accustomed to looking for them. There is nothing wrong with entering by using the mail and with each contest you enter your chances of getting the PCH Prize Patrol at your doorstep will continue to increase, so when you get one in the mail enter it.

PCH is also known for sending out multiple contests and allowing people to enter all the time so if you keep track of the mail that you receive and look for the contests you'll be sure keep those odds of seeing the PCH Prize Patrol rising. In other words, don't feel like you can only enter only one contest at a time - if they send you the entry forms then by all means go ahead and continue to enter.

It's also possible to enter the Publishers Clearinghouse contests online if you are familiar and comfortable with using the internet. Their site is located at www.pch.com where they permit online entering of the contests.

Depending upon the internet browser that you are using you might have to disable your pop up blocker to fully compete your online entry. By covering the bases both at your mailbox and online you'll definitely increase your chances of seeing that PCH Prize Patrol van in your neighborhood.