How to Get Invited to Red Carpet Events

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Red carpet events are formal events that are designed to highlight movie premieres and other occasions that attract a large number of celebrities. The most common red carpet events are those for the Oscars and The Emmy Awards. If you want to get an invitation to red carpet events, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances.

1 Start an entertainment blog

Start an entertainment blog that highlights celebrity events and movie premieres. Contact agents and public relations companies and let them know why you are different than other individuals doing the same thing. Things that may set you apart could include intense advertising, a larger number of subscribers or a specialization in specific areas like comedy or drama. Attend other non-red carpet events and make yourself known by passing out business cards and creating a large social presence. This can be done by being well informed on current events, name-dropping and by making verbal contact with everyone in the room.

2 Make a monetary donation

Make a monetary donation to the charities that are sponsored by the individual red carpet events. It may take several donations to get your name noticed, but this can quickly get you recognized and invited to events. You may also volunteer at the associated charities and build a reputation by being a dependable asset to it. Visit the website for the individual red carpet events beforehand to determine which charities they are sponsoring.

3 Use the connections

Use the connections you have through friends and family to get yourself invited to red carpet events. While it may take some time, begin researching the different individuals you know and any persons they may know who can help you. Start by reviewing your list of friends on online social sites such as Facebook and Twitter for potential social connections. You may also purchase a membership to a gym, or join a social club to increase your contact with new individuals.

4 Attend a red carpet seminar class

Attend a red carpet seminar class. These classes are designed to help teach individuals how to get invited to red carpet events and the proper etiquette for events of this nature. Individuals will also learn how to search for local red carpet events and how to assemble the perfect look for these events. Consult with theater groups and check with agents to find classes in your area.

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