Horoscopes are not hard to find on the Internet. In August of 2011, a general search on "free horoscopes" produced more than 5 million hits. The real trick may be how you'll find the time to sift through all of these to figure out which one tells you what you what to hear.

Browse through the local newspaper. Most newspapers have an astrology or horoscope column somewhere in the features section.

Find a radio station that specializes in astrology or features it in parts of its broadcast. As of 2011, there was a web-based station called astrology.fm that billed itself as the first ever dedicated astrology radio station. Listen for advertisements on local stations about astrologer appearances. Most of them are guests during morning talk shows.

Click through the many free daily horoscope offers online. Look for links that post or explain the horoscope of the day on the main page. Some sites require extra clicks to reach the day-by-day information, and this could prove to time-consuming to be of use to you.

If you have a mobile device, get an app that provides a free reading each day. You may need to search beyond iTunes, where there are apps available but not necessarily for free.