How to Find Raffle Prizes for Fundraisers. Deciding to hold a raffle is easy, but if you've never been responsible for finding a raffle prize, you might not know where to start. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a raffle prize. Here are some ideas that'll get you started.

Offer cash to the winner. Of all the possible raffle prizes, cash is easiest to find and provides a great draw. People like to imagine what they would do with a large sum of money.

Look for luxury goods. Big screen TVs, spa appointments and restaurant gift certificates are incentives that can sell a lot of raffle tickets. Check with local businesses to see if any will donate any of the above items in return for a mention. Many businesses like to advertise through raffles.

Raffle off a vacation. Everyone likes going on vacation, even if they can't always afford it. Offering air fair, a cruise or a hotel stay will appeal to those who have enough to buy a raffle ticket but not a vacation. All they'll have to do is take the time off work.

Pick a gift basket. Gift baskets come with all sorts of interesting things in them these days, so chances are you'll find one perfect for your audience. Check out movie, wine and cheese and bath baskets for ideas.

Present the winner with a car. Unless they drive a Mercedes, most people get excited at the idea of a new car. This kind of prize can be more expensive, so it should only be used when raffle ticket sales are expected to be high.