How to Donate Plasma for Money in New York City

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Blood plasma makes up half of what constitutes human blood. It is a yellow liquid mainly composed of water that also contains a small amount of minerals, proteins, waste products, hormones and immugloben. Blood cells are suspended in plasma, using it as a lubricant to move about the human body, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen. Plasma is a highly sought bio-medical product as it has help greatly in the treatment of many rare disorders and diseases. There are several donations center located in New York, NY that will pay cash as compensation for any plasma donations given.

Locate a blood donation center near you. See Resources for local New York City donation centers.

Travel to the donation center and inform the receptionist that you would like to be a plasma donor.

Fill out all necessary paperwork and provide all required identification. You will go through a brief physical examination and asked about your medical background and any risk factors. Once the application process is completed you will be eligible to donate plasma for money in New York City.

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