How to Do an Order of Service for a Funeral

A funeral service is a necessary part of closure.

Funerals are difficult to face for anyone, but they are a necessary part of letting a loved one go. When there is a death in your family, you need to make some important decisions concerning this closure service. The immediate family must come together and decide what is going to take place within the service. It's hard to make decisions at this time, but with each other's support, you and your family will be able to make the necessary decisions about the location, music, readings and speakers.

Choose the facility for the service.

Discuss with your family and choose where the funeral service will be held. It can be at a church or a funeral home chapel, or a large public facility if the crowd will be very large.

Pick the songs you would like for the service. Arrange for the musicians, e.g., a pianist, organist or guitar player, and a choir or singers for the service.

Reading a passage from the Bible can be a comfort to mourners.

Choose who you would like to read from the scriptures, a poem or other special writings at the service and ask them if they are willing to take on this important responsibility.

Decide in what order you wish the musicians, singers and speakers to do their parts during the service. Give a copy of the order of service to the funeral directors, musicians and speakers so they all know what to expect, and when.

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