Church Sound & Media Job Description

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A church's Sound and Media Technician is a behind-the-scenes facilitator for the congregation's Sunday gatherings and other meetings. This individual contributes valuable expertise to the overall worship experience.

1 Purpose

The purpose of a church's Sound and Media Technician is to provide the congregation with technical audio and video oversight during the course of Sunday services, weddings, funerals, and other church activities.

2 Sound

The sound portion of the Technician's job is to oversee the sound board and mixers for all microphones, speakers, and other audio functions.

3 Media

The media portion of the job can vary with the size and expectations of the particular church congregation. Often this includes managing DVDs, podcast feeds, and multimedia presentations provided by the speaker or pastor.

4 Music

Arguably the most intense portion of the Sound and Media Technician's job occurs during the congregation's worship time. During this time the Technician is responsible for all of the microphone and instrument channels, and making sure the music is mixed properly, often while overseeing the use of PowerPoint for song lyrics.

5 Sermons

Many larger churches employ their Sound and Media Technicians during the pastor's sermon for PowerPoint presentations, video illustrations, and microphone level control during the message.