Creating a template for a fundraiser is easy.

When designing a template for a fundraiser, you must consider the purpose of the fundraiser, information that your target audience wants and the overall appearance of the document. Fortunately, it is easy to create a fundraising template using word-processing software such as Microsoft Word.

Open Microsoft Word (or other word-processing software) and begin a new document. Save your document before you begin entering any information. This will allow you save your document easily after each major addition.

Add a border to your document. In Word 2007, click the "Page Layout" tab and select "Page Borders." Choose a border for your fundraising template. A simple border is appropriate for sophisticated fundraising events, whereas an image border is more appropriate for a children's fundraiser.

Create the header for the template. Select the "Insert" tab, and select "WordArt." Follow the prompts until you create word art that fits the feel and theme of your fundraiser.

Press the "Enter" key three times and add a picture to the template. On the "Insert" tab, you will see the option to add a picture or to add clip art. If your fundraiser or fundraising organization has a logo, insert that image. If not, choose an applicable image from the clip art options. Resize the image as necessary.

Press "Enter" three more times. Hold down the shift and dash keys at the same time, until you have filled a whole line with underscores. (The dash key is the third key from the right on the line with the backspace key to the far right.) Press "Enter" three times. The underscores will have become a solid line.

Type the words "has donated" and press "Enter" three more times. Hold down shift and underscore to create another solid line. Press enter three more times. Enter the word "To" and press "Enter" three times. Adjust the fonts for these lines to be at least font size 16 so they are easily readable.

Using word art, enter the name of your charity or charitable organization. Or, if your organization has an image with a special way of writing the name of the charity, use that image. Press "Enter" three times. Enter a short description of your fundraiser or fundraising organization.

Select the "Print Preview" option and ensure that your fundraising template fits on one page. Adjust spacing as necessary to make the layout fit a whole page but not continue onto a second page. Make any necessary font adjustments, print a sample of your template and save the finished page.


  • The first solid line will be the space where the person donating will write his name. The second line is where the amount will be written. Ensure that the spaces are large enough so that the writing will fit easily.

    When presenting this to your organization, explain that it is a good template to use because it can be mailed in with donations or displayed at a person's home or at a place of business.


  • Save your document frequently, or you may risk losing your document in the case of a computer error.