How to Create a Digital Vision Board. You can focus your mind and energies on your goals and desires by putting them in a digital format. By using a program that puts up images for you to view, you help your mind to send out the vibrations that can attract those things to you.

Install the Vision Board software on your computer (see Resources below). The program supports most operating systems back to Windows 95. Take the defaults during the installation process and when finished, reboot your computer.

Start the program. The first choice you must make is whether to edit an existing vision board or to create a new one. The product is geared to change and grow as your goals and dreams change. As some things are achieved and acquired, you can change the images and bring new goals and dreams into the picture.

Choose the images that you want. There are hundreds of images included in the package. You also can put your own images into the vision board. You create how they are presented and have the room for up to 200 images.

Select the affirmations and power words that are associated with your images. You can customize the fonts and colors that this text is presented in. Included in the package are libraries of affirmations and power words. All you have to do is select them and you are ready.

Choose a background for your vision board as the final step. This can be a picture or a solid color. Once completed, it can run as your screen saver bringing those images and goals to mind every time the screen saver starts up. You can also watch the whole vision board presented at the touch of a few keys.