Visio, Microsoft’s diagramming application, can help you to combine shapes and objects to professional looking diagrams. While these diagrams don’t have to contain data, you can input information from external sources. If you have an Excel workbook that contains data your Visio diagram needs, you can import the Excel data into Visio. You can then link a specific workbook to any object you like.

Step 1

Open a Visio drawing and click "Data" and then "Link Data to Shapes" to launch the Data Import Wizard.

Step 2

Click "Microsoft Excel Workbook," then "Browse" and then double-click the Excel workbook you'd like to import.

Step 3

Follow the instructions the wizard provides to import the data. Visio opens the External Data window, which shows the workbook's rows and columns.

Step 4

Click a Visio shape and right-click a row in the External Data window. Click "Link to Selected Shapes" to link the data to the shape and make that data appear next to the shape. Link additional data to other shapes using this method.