How to Compose a Letter to a Child for Her First Communion

First communion is a solemn occasion.
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Communion is a sacrament most often celebrated by Catholics, but also by other Christian denominations as well. Children usually participate only when they are old enough to understand the significance and respect the solemnity of the ceremony. Parents are often encouraged to write letters to their children before they partake in their first communion. The letters are a way for the parents to show their pride in and love for their children, and also as a way to commemorate the occasion.

Start the letter as you would any formal correspondence, with the word "Dear" followed by your child's name or nickname. This sets the tone for a warm yet important letter.

Tell your child how proud of her you are on the eve of her first communion. Include specific examples of how she has made you proud, such as how hard she has studied in class. Most churches hold a series of classes to prepare the children for their first communion, but if your church does not, use another example. Perhaps she has been extra diligent in her prayers or in reading her Bible.

Write about what this means to you as a parent. Perhaps this has been your fondest wish for a long time. Or, perhaps your child surprised you with her rapid progression and eagerness to partake in the ceremony. Tell your child how this makes you feel, spiritually and emotionally.

Conclude with a prayer for you daughter. You may pray that she becomes increasingly closer to Jesus and has a continual desire to please him in everything she does. Or, your prayer may be more specific. Finish with a statement of love.