How to Get Along With an Aries

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Aries can be one of the harder signs of the zodiac to get along with. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, those born under this sign can be argumentative, tactless and sometimes inconsiderate. It's a good thing they're usually entertaining enough to make them worth the effort.

1 Put on some thicker skin

Put on some thicker skin. Aries folks are notoriously tactless and will let the most thoughtless comments fly out of their mouths. This can lead to hurt feelings and angry friends, and in most cases the Aries won't even know what he did wrong. If an Aries offends you, simply pull him aside and clue him into any sensitive spots you might have. They'll likely respect it and attempt to bite their tongue the next time around. Aries individuals will appreciate the straightforwardness and honesty.

2 Avoid arguments

Avoid arguments. Aries has a bad reputation for tempers, so do what you can to not set off any fiery displays. If one starts to fly off the handle for whatever reason, don't agitate the situation by arguing with her or getting frustrated with her temper. That's just like throwing oil onto the fire. Instead, let her get what she has to say out without raising your voice. Like a volcano, sometimes Aries just needs to get out a little bit of anger and aggression. If her anger was valid then she'll feel much better after ranting, and if it wasn't, then she'll just feel a bit ashamed by her outburst.

3 Mind their egos

Mind their egos. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries people tend to always regard themselves as number one. This means that they can be thoughtless and selfish some of the time. If you feel like your Aries friend is walking all over you or not taking your perspective into consideration, it's best to be upfront about it. Tell him what he's doing without bothering with the fluff. He can take what he dishes out.

4 Brace yourself

Brace yourself, because Aries can be wildly impulsive, sometimes to the point of destructiveness. If he is taking a situation down a path that makes you nervous or uncomfortable (becoming voraciously loud in a bar, arguing with a stranger, denouncing a waiter's service, etc.), it's best to just ignore it or leave. Trying to control Aries' impulse is pointless, and if he isn't putting his life in danger then why spoil the fun?

5 Take the good with the bad

Take the good with the bad. If you are a sensitive, emotional person, being friends with an Aries can be an important learning experience for you. An Aries is more cerebral than emotional and might not always understand exactly why her friends get upset. Don't get frustrated or angry if an Aries isn't able to provide the kind of emotional support you need. They can be generous and loyal friends, and can help you more by distracting you through difficult times than helping you figure out how to solve your woes.

Ashley Schaeffer has been writing professionally since 2005, specializing in arts-and-entertainment, health and wellness topics. She has written extensively for "Buzzine Magazine," the culture and entertainment publication of Richard Elfman. Schaeffer holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in comparative literature and Spanish, both from UC Berkeley, and is pursuing a master's degree in counseling psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.