What Are Good Matches for Aries?

What Are Good Matches for Aries?

Aries folks are hot, hot, hot. This sign of the ram, born from March 20 through April 19, is a fire sign, ruled by warrior Mars and Pluto. Aries are ready to explode in a number of ways. The best matches for Aries are signs that are able to cool the Aries down a bit, or often extinguish the blazing fire altogether. A bad match with Aries that fuels the fire may just burn all the brush from California to Maine.

1 Features

In addition to a heated passion, Aries are graced with love of the great outdoors, a fondness for adventure and a willingness to experiment. This could lead to exciting spur-of-the moment trips, impulsive actions and letting their heart rule their head. They also have a very passionate array of emotions, whether it's swooning in love and joy or erupting in rage or anger. While they are strong and strong-willed, Aries also have a flip side where they need constant reassurance, someone to coddle them and tell them how wonderful they are.

2 Identification

The first thing to look for in a match with Aries is a compatible sign. The most compatible includes Leo, the lion, born July 22 through August 21, and Sagittarius, the archer, born November 22 through December 21, according to the horoscope section of the Mag 4 You website. Common traits with Sagittarius include a love of adventure and willingness to experiment and try new things. Leos, too, share Aries's love for experimentation, passion and the joy of sex.

3 Effects

Aries who hook up with the most compatible signs are more likely to find a balance in their relationships. The relationship will become symbiotic, with each party enhancing the other's strong points rather than battling with them. With the Sagittarius, the Aries is more likely to enjoy her favorite place in center stage. With the Leo, Aries will have to co-star, since both signs are domineering. Other traits that work well together, however, will be worth any ego bashing that may come along.

4 Considerations

Any Aries, or anyone at all, should be free to hook up with whomever they wish, but matching Aries with an incompatible sign may simply be asking for hurt feelings, tension and those loud fights on the street that make everyone turn and stare. Aries should be aware of their own traits and tendencies so they can better conform or control them when they are clashing with another sign. This does not mean Aries must roll over and play the doormat; this just means they should show some consideration. Aries with Aries is probably the worst match you could make, according to Mag 4 You.

5 Warning

Aries matched with Aries is like putting two directors in a single play. Both Aries will want to control and dominate the scene. Even if their outlooks match, neither will be happy unless she is the one in charge. This is an instant recipe for disaster. Of course, any disaster can be diverted if both parties go into the relationship knowing they are likely to ignite. This way, potential blowups can be diffused when they recognize the tension increasing and tempers beginning to flare. As with any relationship, compromise is a key factor to its survival. Other incompatible matches with Aries are Cancer, the crab, born June 21 through July 21; Libra, the scales, born September 22 through October 22; and Capricorn, the goat, born December 22 through January 19.