How to Make a Virgo Woman Happy

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You've just found out that the object of your affection is a Virgo, and you'd like to know how to make her happy. Learning about the traits and characteristics of a Virgo will give you insight on the Virgo female psyche and how to make her happy in a relationship.

1 Virgo women need to feel secure

Virgo women need to feel secure. If you master security, you master the most crucial element to her happiness. Security for the Virgo woman is defined by heavy communication of love, affection and positive intentions. She needs to feel on solid ground financially, emotionally and psychologically with her partner. Though her partner need not be the wealthiest, she looks for a man with traditional charm who is a natural leader and feels comfortable taking care of her and the future family.

2 Fill her life with predictability

Fill her life with predictability. Virgo women tend to dislike unpredictability since they favor order and routine. Don't ever make a promise to a Virgo woman and not fulfill it. Nothing will turn her off more quickly. Always be on time, and never leave your Virgo woman waiting.

3 Stimulate her mind through communication

Stimulate her mind through communication. Virgos enjoy conversations of all kinds and grow to feel loved and cared for through frequent conversations with their mate. But, don't ever leave a conversation unfinished. Virgos are old-fashioned to a degree and prefer for conversations to have a resolution. Make sure you give her your undivided attention or she will get the impression you are not devoted.

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