How to Get a GRE Exam Date

Register for a GRE eaxm date.

The GRE exam is often a necessary component of the graduate school application. Whether you plan on studying anthropology, philosophy, education or another graduate program, you will generally need valid GRE scores. The general exam tests students in three areas: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. The ETS company offers GRE exams at many different locations around the world. Most U.S. locations offer computer-based tests on a year-round basis via appointments. Students living in areas that do not offer computer-based tests may register for the paper based version.

1 Getting Your Computer-Based Exam Date

2 Go to the GRE website

Go to the GRE website. Click on the "For Test Takers" link at the top of the page. Select "Register for the Tes" from the menu. Click on the "Register for the Computer-based GRE General Test".

Scroll down the Register for the Computer-based GRE General Test page to the "Online Registration" link. This will bring you to a new page. Choose the location (i.e., country) where you wish to to take the test from the menu.

Find the box that tells you if ETS offers the computer-based test in your country. If it does click on the "Register for the computer-based General Test" link.

Click on your state (if in the U.S.) from the menu. Click on the "Schedule Your Exam" link. Follow the prompts, and accept the Policy Notice.

Click on the exam (e.g., general test) you wish to take from the drop down menu. Choose a testing center from the search results for your exam. Click on "Schedule an Exam". Locate the Schedule an Exam option at the right of each test center option. Select the month and year you wish to take the exam in. You will see a calendar with available dates. you will only be able to click on dates with available test times. Click on the date to reveal the time. Click on the time.

Fill out the required information to register.

3 Getting Your Paper Based Exam Date

Go to the GRE website's main page. Click on the "For Test Takers" link at the top of the page.

Click on the "Register for the Test" link. Click on the "Register for a Paper-based Test" link. Go to the "Online Registration" link.

Sign up for a New User account.

Follow the prompts to select your date and register.

  • ETS does not offer paper-base tests every month.
  • You must schedule an appointment for the computer-based test. If you walk in, you are not guaranteed a testing session.
  • Register for the test early. This will help to assure that you get the GRE exam date that you want or need.
  • You may also register for the GRE exam via phone or by mail.

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