How to Find Graduation Lists

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You can use graduation lists to gather information about graduates, then offer them scholarships, entice them to enroll at your university or offer them jobs, experiences or products. It is easy to find graduation lists from many sources.

1 College or University Lists

2 Contact the registrar's

Contact the registrar's office of a college or university. Ask the registrar about obtaining a graduation list.

3 Follow the registrar's instructions

Follow the registrar's instructions. He may send the list to you in the mail, by email or you may be asked to pick it up in person. Some schools may list graduates on their websites or publish a list that you can download.

4 To make

Double-check the graduation list to make sure it is up to date.

5 Check with third-party companies

Check with third-party companies to see whether they have purchased local graduation lists that you can buy from them. Call newspaper newsrooms, especially in college towns, to see whether they have published a complete list of graduates.

6 High School Graduation Lists

7 Call the principal's

Call the principal's office at the high school for which you need a list.

8 Ask whether you

Ask whether you can get a graduation list. Be warned that some high schools protect the privacy of their students and don't want to give out those lists.

9 Go to the graduation ceremony

Go to the graduation ceremony at the school and get a program. This will give you names of all the graduates.