Funny Mother's Day Games

This year, after the flowers and candy, play games on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to thank one of the most important women in our lives for all that she does, and has done, for us. Be sure to give her a beautiful celebration. These games, which fit well into either a small family gathering or a larger party, make a great addition to Mother's Day plans.

1 M-O-T-H-E-R

Keep Mom out of the kitchen on her special day! Use plastic magnetic letters to spell out the word "M-O-T-H-E-R," or cut the letters out of cardboard. Hide the letters throughout the kitchen. The children must find the letters. Alternatively, hide the letters spelling "Happy Mother's Day" throughout your home. Attach each letter to a small candy (Easter egg hunt style), tell the children what they should be looking for, and dispatch them to find the letters. This is a particularly effective technique to give Mom some peace and quiet.

2 Doctor Mom

Have each person in the room pick an ailment and act it out before Mother comes in. For example, one could have rheumatism, one could have bronchitis and one could have a broken heart. Be creative! Call Mom into the room and have her play Doctor. She must ask the various invalids "yes or no" questions about their illnesses, as mothers typically do, and attempt to diagnose them. When she correctly guesses an illness, relieve her of her duties and have her play a patient instead.

3 Charades

Have the entire family take turns acting out scenes from happy memories that they have with Mother. These could be as varied as getting a splinter removed from one's foot, baking an apple pie and gardening together. Hilarity will often result, not just from the memories, but from the attempts to act them out. Dig through family albums, if necessary, to get ideas for to act out.

4 Lies, Lies, Lies

Use this game to find out when your mother has told you a "little white lie" or what was really going on that time she said her friend had an accident. Play a version of "Truth or Dare," but restrict the questions to things that you or your mother suspect that you have lied to each other about in the past. This game offers an amusing way to find out the truth. Avoid sensitive issues, though, or you will have more tears than laughs!

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