Games for a Mother-Son School Activity

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Mother and son activities are one way to introduce bonding and allow mothers of boys at the same school, Boy Scout troop or sports team to get to know one another. Play mother-son games near the end of the school year or during a Mother's Day celebration.

1 "Guess Who" Games

"Guess Who" games are a way for the sons to get to know one another and allow the mothers to learn a bit about the other mothers and children. Simple "Guess Who" games for small children involve asking the sons to close their eyes and having mothers speak. The sons try to identify their mothers. More involved "Guess Who" games include having mothers and sons to write down three facts about themselves and pass them off to the facilitator. The facilitator reads the facts aloud and other groups have to identify the mother-son team.

2 Role-Reversal Games

Role-reversal games ask mothers and sons to "take a walk in each other's shoes." One variation of these games include having the mothers come together and participate in a game the boys often participate in together. Have mothers fill out multiplication sheets in school or to play a game of soccer. Smaller boys can finish the sentence, "If I were mom, I would ... ."

3 Physical Games

Encourage mothers and sons to team up and play some physical games. In addition to a pick-up game of soccer or baseball, mothers and sons can play games like tug-of-war, run in relay races or set up obstacle courses. Keep mothers and sons on the same team and divide everyone in half or have the mothers compete against their sons.

4 Trivia

Mothers and sons can team up with a rousing game of trivia. Test their knowledge by having each fill out a survey beforehand, listing information like their favorite movie or favorite color. Give each mother-son team points for guessing the correct answer for their teammate. You can also have teams answer trivia questions on the scout troop, history of the sport the sons play or general trivia.

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