As part of a class intended to teach teens about the responsibilities of parenting, many middle and high school students are required to be a parent to an egg baby for a length of time. The egg must be cared for like a real baby, including providing a bed for the egg where it can "sleep." Here's an easy way to make a crib for your egg.

Cut circles of quilt batting and baby-print fabric to fit the size of the canning jar lid.

Glue the fabric to the top of the batting, glue the batting to the lid, and glue the lid to the inside of one of the canning jar bands.

Cut five craft sticks in half. Lay the craft sticks in a starburst pattern around the outside of the canning jar band to determine spacing.

Apply a dab of hot glue to the cut end of each stick and press onto the inside of the band. Hold each stick upright and straight until the glue sets.

Apply a dot of glue on top of a few sticks. Slip the top band on top of the sticks.