Fun Ideas for Elementary School Yearbook Page Themes

Snapshots of school playgrounds allow older students to reminisce where they played.

Elementary yearbooks chronicle the year students experience while attending their school. Items such as class pictures, individual profiles and faculty sections are common. But because elementary schools do not often have the wide range of extracurricular activities that a high school or college has, you need to be a little more creative when assembling fun insert pages amid the usual contents.

1 Bus Driver Section

Bus drivers provide safe transportation for elementary students in myriad weather conditions throughout the year. They are the first face students see when they board the bus, and the last they see as they head home at their stops. One idea is to have the students stand with the bus driver outside the bus and take a picture. Another idea entails taking a picture from the front of the bus with all the students seated. You can fit four to six sizable pictures on each yearbook page. A two-page spread can encompass 12 buses.

2 Handprint Page

As students grow physically through the years of elementary school, the size of their entire body changes. One idea is to have the elementary students imprint their hand on a page and then write their name beneath. The students can use different color paints to make the layout colorful. If the elementary school is large, you can resize the page so that more hands fit. Looking back, students will get to see the shape of their hands as well as how they signed their name.

3 Field Trips

Field trips allow educators to take students out of the classroom and provide a learning experience in a new setting. Documenting those field trips with a page dedicated to the day can memorialize the experience. You can assign a chaperone with the task of taking pictures while on the field trip. Or, if the field trip has already occurred, you can ask students and parents for pictures from the day. The yearbook company can then arrange a layout and include the page when the books is published.

4 Food Page

Students are not bashful when it comes to letting educators and kitchen staff know what food they like or dislike from the lunchroom. Create a page where you interview students about their favorite food. One student might love chicken nugget day, while another might love pizza day. You can snap a picture of the student eating his favorite food with others.

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