Foods to Serve for a Pastor's Anniversary

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A pastor's anniversary is a very special occasion for many churches. This is the time that members of a church come together and show their appreciation to their pastor. This is often done through gifts and/or luncheons. A luncheon is an easy and acceptable way to show appreciation. Choosing the food to serve is very important if you decide to keep with a biblical theme.

1 Type of Food Service

There are many ways to serve food for a pastor's anniversary. Food can be served buffet style or through plated lunch. If you are going to have multiple food selections, it might be necessary to get a head count of which guests prefers which dishes. This will ensure that you have the right amount of food. A buffet-style service does not require guests to choose dishes prior to arrival. It also enables the organizer to provide multiple food choices.

2 Choices for Plated service

The consumption of bread is seen throughout the Holy Bible.

To choose the proper selection of foods, you can use the Holy Bible as a reference. For the selection of meat, the options are goat, sheep, venison, lamb and calf. Beans are a good choice for a vegetable, as seen in the book of 2 Samuel and Ezekiel of the Holy Bible. The use of unleavened bread or bread from any grain would be a good representation of biblical standards for a pastor's anniversary.

3 Choices for Buffet Service

Buffet service allows for multiple meat and bread selections, including the foods listed above for plated service. Also consider for a buffet line nuts and fruit; these are major foods seen consumed throughout the Holy Bible. These include items such as figs, olives, melons, grapes and nuts. An assortment of cheeses should also be considered.

4 Choices for Beverages

Grapes are a good source to consider when choosing beverages for a pastor's anniversary.

Throughout the Holy Bible, there are many references to the use of wine. The use of the grape is also a good source for a beverage. Many churches currently use grape juice during the ceremonial occasion for the Lord's Supper. Water is also a good selection for a beverage. Serving water works for guests who may have medical conditions or beverage preferences.

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