How to Fix White Icons on an iPhone

Fix blank icons by reinstalling apps, resetting or restoring your iPhone.
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Your iPhone might display white icons due to software errors, which can be resolved by reinstalling the app, doing a hard reset of the iPhone or by restoring the iPhone completely. Blank app icons are also a common problem with jailbroken devices, which can behave unpredictably because they run software unauthorized by Apple.

1 Delete and Reload the App

2 And hold your finger

Press and hold your finger on any icon on the Home screen. The icons begin to shake. Delete the app by pressing the small "X" symbol that appears on the corner of the blank icon.

3 Launch the App Store

Launch the App Store and download the app again.

4 Examine the icon

Examine the icon once the app has finished downloading to make sure that the icon has loaded correctly.

5 Hard Reset

6 Press

Press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button together until the silver Apple logo appears on screen.

7 Wait for the iPhone to reboot

Wait for the iPhone to reboot.

8 Examine the affected icons

Examine the affected icons to see if their original images have been restored.

9 Restore the iPhone

10 Your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud

Back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud.

11 Plug

Plug in your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.

12 Launch iTunes

Launch iTunes and select your iPhone from the devices toolbar. Click on the Summary tab and choose "Restore."

  • Restoring your iPhone returns it to factory settings, removing jailbreaks and firmware issues that might cause the white icon issue.

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