How to Reset a Stuck App on the iPad

Dragging an app upwards on the multitasking screen resets the app.
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While it doesn't happen often, occasionally an app will freeze on your iPad and the screen won't respond to your touch. In most cases, you can fix a stuck app simply by resetting it, forcing the app to close so you can launch it again. If this doesn't work, the iPad itself may be stuck rather than just the app. In this case, you should try restarting the iPad. In rare cases when restarting doesn't work, you can reset the iPad, forcing the device to shut down and start up again.

1 Reset the App

2 Double-click the Home button

Double-click the Home button. This minimizes the app and displays the iPad's multitasking screen.

3 Drag the stuck app upwards on the screen

Drag the stuck app upwards on the screen. This forces the app to close and removes it from the iPad's memory.

4 Press the Home button

Press the Home button to display the iPad's home screen. Tap the app's icon to relaunch it. Any unsaved data, like words you typed in a document or progress in a game, is lost, but the app opens and should respond normally.

5 Restart the iPad

6 Press

Press and hold the On/Off button until a red slider appears on the screen.

7 Drag the slider to the right to power

Drag the slider to the right to power down the iPad. A circular progress indicator appears for a few seconds until the screen turns completely black. This normally takes only a few seconds but it may take up to 30 seconds when an app is stuck.

8 Press the On Off button

Press the On/Off button again to turn the iPad back on. Unlock the screen and then relaunch the app. Unsaved data on that app and any other apps you were using is lost, but the frozen app should work properly.

9 Reset the iPad

10 Press the Home button and the On Off button at the same time

Press the Home button and the On/Off button at the same time until the screen turns completely black. This shouldn't take longer than ten seconds.

11 Release the buttons

Release the buttons. The Apple logo appears on the screen, showing you that the iPad is restarting.

12 Press the Home button-2

Press the Home button after the iPad has restarted and unlock the screen. All unsaved progress on your apps will be lost.

  • Information in this article applies to an iPad with iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.
  • If an app continues to give you problems, keep checking the App Store for an update. You can often find a support website for the app in its description in the App Store or by tapping the "Developer Website" link beneath the app's description.

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