How to Fix a Frozen Nook Glow Light

Reboot or reset your Nook to correct a frozen screen.
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Almost every electronic device that relies on computerized circuitry suffers the occasional hiccup in functionality. Your Nook Simple Touch GlowLight is no different, and may freeze at some point and not respond to any button presses. A simple reboot should correct this issue, but if the freezing continues you may need to perform a more drastic factory reset.

1 Reboot Your Nook

2 Press the Power button

Press the "Power" button and hold for 20 seconds. This forces your Nook to power down.

3 Let your Nook

Let your Nook sit to dissipate any residual charge, leaving it off for at least a few seconds before attempting to power on.

4 Hold the Power button for two seconds

Hold the "Power" button for two seconds. Your Nook should power on and function normally.

5 Reset To Factory Condition

6 Open the gear icon

Open the gear icon located on your Status Bar. Select "All Settings," then "Device Info."

7 Select Erase Deregister Device

Select "Erase & Deregister Device" to open a new menu. Confirm your choice by tapping the "Erase & Deregister Device" button.

8 Tap Reset the Nook .''

Tap "Reset the Nook." Your Nook will erase all content on the device, returning it to factory settings.

  • Keep your Nook charged to avoid problems as you reset your device.
  • Have your Barnes and Noble account information on hand to re-register your Nook once you restore it to factory condition.
  • If your Nook continues to freeze despite a factory reset, seek help from Barnes and Noble. Your device may require repair or replacement. (See Resources.)

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