How to Fill Out a Work Permit

To obtain employment, minors must receive a work permit.

If you are a minor, you will not be able to work until you receive a work permit. A work permit certifies that you are legally able to obtain employment and that your employer has met the requisite conditions. To receive a work permit, you will need to submit a completed work permit application form, available through your school's issuing officer.

Fill out the section of the application reserved for yourself. Include your name, address, age, telephone number, date of birth and the name of your school. Depending on your state, you may need to provide your social security number, your school status and last grade completed. Sign and date the application where indicated. Do not fill out any other part of the application on your own.

Bring the application to your parent or guardian for his signature.

Bring the application to your employer. She will need to fill out her section of the form with her company's name, address and contact information, your job duties, her name and signature. Depending on your state, she may also need to provide your work title, potential hours, starting and ending times and any equipment you may use.

Turn your application in to your school's issuing officer. He will need to verify that your work information is in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, that you have provided an appropriate ID, as well as sign and date the application. Depending on the state, he may need to indicate how many hours you attend school per week and how many hours you are allowed to work per week. He will then take your application and issue your work permit.

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