How to Express in Words How Much You're in Love with Someone

When you dearly love someone, expressive words can be difficult to find.
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The Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning had it right when she wrote, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." When you give full expression to your love, the word "love" ceases to be a casual word -- like when you say, "I love warm weather" -- and begins to take on more meaning. Think about what you want to say ahead of time if you want to express your feelings of love eloquently.

1 Use Words of Thankfulness

When you tell your sweetheart that you love him, use words of gratitude. Gratitude is a foundation of a loving relationship, says psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in the Psychology Today article "How Gratitude Influences Loving Behavior." For example, you might tell your boyfriend that you are thankful that he is available to hold your hand when you need him. Say -- and show -- appreciation to deliver your love message.

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2 Let the Words Flow

Because the words "I love you" may convey different meanings to different people, try to find other words to help you express your loving feelings, suggests neuroscientist and executive coach Magdalena Bak-Maier in the article, "How Does 'I Love You' Let Me Recount the Ways?" for "Psychology Tomorrow" magazine. When you express your love, be specific. For example, let your love know that you enjoy the way she lights up when helping others. Tell her what the word "love" means to you, and your message will be clear.

3 Practice First

The last thing you want to happen while you are declaring your love is to become hopelessly tongue tied. Before you let your words of affection loose, take some time to rehearse what you want to say. You can even practice on your pet. Look your furry feline in the eyes and let him know how much you love and adore him and how happy you are that he's a part of your life. Not only will you feel more confident when it's time for the real deal, your kitty will feel adored.

4 Use Another Language

Look to other languages for inspiration. When yoga teacher Jeff Martens looked up the word for "love" in a Sanskrit dictionary, he was surprised to find more than 100 entries, each of which has a slightly different meaning. For example, the Sanskrit word "bhaj" means to love in a way that is personally transformative, while the word "kama" conveys desire. Write your girlfriend a poem incorporating a few of these concepts, or take some from another language. If she spent a year as an exchange student in Portugal, she will be delighted when you tell her "Eu te amo." Tell her that your love is too big to be confined to only one language.

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