When you are falling for someone, you do not need to say “I love you” to express your deepening feelings of affection. Indeed, in many cases you do not need to speak words at all to express your love. A hug, thoughtful present or kind gesture, such as helping our your new love during a tough time can convey your feelings.

Expressing Your Feelings

Expressing gratitude for the person you care about is one effective way to share your affection explains public health researcher Rita Watson in “Psychology Today.” For example, you might write a note or tell your partner in person than you are thankful for all of the fun and romantic times you have had together. You might follow up by saying that you hope to have many more. Likewise, you might tell your partner that you enjoy how you feel when you are with your partner and, if you are able to do so, articulate those feelings in detail. For example, you might say that you get butterflies in your stomach or feel like your heart is leaping out of your chest when you are together.