How to Export SWF From Keynote

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Though Keynote for Mac does not directly export slideshows to the SWF file format, you can perform an intermediate step to convert a Keynote file to the SWF format by first converting the file to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file, also known as a PPT. Export the Keynote slideshow to the PPT format, then convert the PPT file to an SWF file using a free online conversion utility such as Convert Files, FileFormat or Online Convert.

1 Export as PPT

2 Open the Keynote file in Keynote

Open the Keynote file in Keynote, and then click the “File” tab on the top navigation bar.

3 Click the Export option

Click the “Export” option to open the Export dialog box.

4 Click the PPT option

Click the “PPT” option in the Export dialog box, and then click the “Next” button to continue.

5 Type

Type a name for the new PPT file in the Save As field, click the "Where" drop-down box, and then select the save location for the exported file.

6 Click the Export button

Click the “Export” button to export the Keynote file to PPT.

7 Convert File

8 Open a conversion tool

Open a conversion tool in a Web browser (see Resources).

9 Click the Browse ” button

Click the “Browse” button, navigate to the PPT file to convert, and then click “Open” to upload the file.

10 Click the Convert To

Click the “Convert To” or “Output Format” drop-down box, and then click the “SWF” output format.

11 Type a valid email address

Type a valid email address, if required. Some online converters email the converted file to you, while others provide a download link so you can download and save the output file.

12 Click the Start

Click the “Start” or “Convert” option to convert the file. If the tool emails the converted file to you, check your email account for a message containing the converted file. If the tool provides a link to download the output file, click the “Download” link, and then save the file to your hard drive.

  • Information provided in this article applies to Keynote version 6.0.x. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of the software.
  • When you convert a Keynote file to the PPT format, you lose your fades and slide transitions. Microsoft recommends performing final edits to the PPT file with PowerPoint after the export.

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