Even if I Am on Crutches, Can I Still Make a Good Date Impression?

Practice plenty on new crutches to feel more confident before your date.
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Whether a skiing accident has made it temporarily more difficult to get around or you’re facing a longer-term inconvenience, you’re still you – and you can still make a great date impression. When you sort out what does and does not matter when it comes to favorable impressions, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your date's company and having fun.

1 Control What You Can

Clothes that are appropriate to the date circumstances and being on time factor heavily into the impression you make, asserts The Emily Post Institute. Keeping your cool also matters -- this is a time to show that you can handle the minor obstacles of everyday life, such as slow service at the restaurant, with grace. Address the crutches in a way that suits your personality. If lighthearted comedy is second-nature to you, acknowledge them by saying “I just have them because they match my outfit.” A brief, straightforward explanation of what precipitated the crutches will also work if you feel it would be awkward not to bring it up.

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