Dating Advice on How to Apologize for an Awkward Text

Avoid sending the wrong message by not texting when you're distracted.
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Tone of voice and emotion are difficult to convey in a handful of characters on a cell phone screen, and sometimes a well-intentioned text message goes awry. Apologizing promptly and in the right way can go a long way toward combating any awkwardness your text may have engendered. To smooth things over effectively, make sure your apology comes across as genuine.

1 Make Your Meaning Clear

Because ever-evolving communication technology makes for ever-in flux etiquette rules, it can be hard to figure out what is and is not appropriate for texting. Information that is confidential or could be embarrassing should not be texted, and neither should sad or urgent news, according to The Emily Post Institute's “Text Messaging” page. If you have sent information you should have saved for in-person, or at least voice-to-voice, conversation, contact your love interest immediately to apologize. Also, do this if you realize that the ambiguous wording of a quickly typed text may offend the person you're dating. Make sure to call so that your sincere regret comes through in the sound of your voice – texting the apology will not rectify the wrong.

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