How to Escape the Friend Zone With Women

Plan dates in romantic settings to ensure that she gets the idea.
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Some people always seem to end up in the "friend zone." They are often well-liked and sought after by others, but usually don't stir up feelings of attraction or chemistry. "They only create feelings of attachment and comfort around them (like a good friend), without any attraction, lust or seductive feelings," explains Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, a social and personality psychologist and writer of "The Attraction Doctor" blog. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make yourself more attractive so that women can see you in a different light.

1 Be More Physically Attractive

There are many ways that you can work with what you have and make yourself more physically attractive to women. In a study published in the Spring 1997 issue of "Current Psychology," researchers at the University of California found that women are mostly attracted to self-care and pleasantness, which are both changeable physical features. Make yourself more appealing to your love interest by always keeping yourself clean and well-groomed when you are around them. Wear nice and fashionable clothing that enhances your best physical attributes. Make it a point to always look your best when you are around women.

2 Don't Become the Lifeline

Individuals that always end up as "just friends" often find that they become the shoulder to cry on for women. It is great that you are sensitive and understanding, but using this to attract women will only result in them seeing you as a good friend. Keep your conversations platonic and playful when you are around women. Avoid talking about their exes or current love interests. Don't call a woman that you are interested in "friend" or make comments that insinuate that you are only interested in friendship.

3 Show You are Attracted to Them

When women feel like the other person is not attracted to them, they often place them in the "friend zone." It is important for them to know that you don't want to be just friends. "Rather than getting stuck in the friend zone by being scared or devious, it is often more productive to state what is desired up front," recommends Dr. Jeremy Nicholson. Brave up and directly ask women out on dates. Make sure that everything about your outing, such as the restaurant, time of day and logistics, indicate that it is a date and not just hanging out with a friend. Frequently comment on how good they look and say things that hint that you are attracted to them.

4 Attract With Your Body Language

Show women that you are attracted and interested in them by using your body language. When you are having a conversation, make sure that your body is leaning toward her and your feet are pointing in. Keep your shoulders straight and your chest and arms open. Once you start getting to know a woman better, start incorporating physical touch, such as gently touching her arm throughout the conversation, playing with her hair and eventually putting your arm around her.

Lauri Revilla has been writing articles on mental health, wellness, relationships and lifestyle for more than six years. She moved to San Antonio, Texas, from Mexico in 2006. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University.