The Rules for Muslim Women

Muslim women are required to cover their entire bodies with the exception of the hands and face.
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Nearly a quarter of the people on earth subscribe to Muslim beliefs. The Islamic religion is the second largest religion in the world, and it has very specific rules for all facets of life. One controversial belief of Muslims concerns the role of women in society. There are restrictive rules governing the way women should dress and act that some women in the modern world find offensive. Only certain segments of the Islamic faith strictly conform to these rules, but a large number of women follow them step by step.

1 Dress

How women are supposed to dress is outlined specifically in the Islamic religion. These religious guidelines are known as Hijab, according to the Islam for Today website. Women are required to cover the entire body when out in public, with the exception of the hands and face. The material of the clothing must not be transparent and must hang loose so that the form of the body is not apparent through the clothing. Female clothing cannot resemble men’s clothing, such as slacks, and should not resemble the common clothing of non-believers.

2 Eye Contact

Islamic women are expected to hide any action that may display a sense of attraction to men. This includes avoiding eye contact and keeping the gaze lowered in modesty, according to the Islam Online website. The most extreme scholars in the Muslim faith believe that women should not be allowed to see any parts of men except those who are relatives and they cannot marry. This concept is not widely accepted in the faith.

3 Nothing to Draw Attention

Muslim women are expected to refrain from any actions that may draw attention to them. This includes wearing jewelry, jingling ornaments and perfume. Any action to attract a man’s attention is forbidden by the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an, because it might tempt a man to follow her and because she exhibits an “evil intention” of drawing the attention of men to herself, according to the Islam Online website.

4 Serious and Business-like

The Qur’an states, “Then do not be too pleasant of speech, lest one in whose heart there is disease should feel desire.” This statement refers to the idea that women should not be outgoing or flirtatious in any way toward other people so that they may remain undesired by men. The Muslim woman is to remain solemn and avoid unnecessary or flirtatious facial movements. She is expected to act in a very dignified and businesslike manner.

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