How to Be Miss Congeniality

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How to Be Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality is a coveted title at a beauty pageant. Known by her peers as the most friendly, helpful, genuine and outgoing contestant in the pageant, Miss Congeniality is an award given by the harshest judges of all: the other contestants.

1 Pay attention

Pay attention. Miss Congeniality should pay more attention to others than to herself. This puts you in the running for the congeniality title but not often the pageant crown. Know when your fellow contestant needs a hug or a vote of confidence. Focus on others rather than yourself. This is often detrimental to your quest to win the pageant, but essential to be Miss Congeniality.

2 Help other contestants avoid disaster

Help other contestants avoid disaster. Miss Congeniality will always tell another contestant when her swimsuit bottoms are riding up or she has lipstick on her teeth. This is in direct contrast to the contestant who will win the pageant, and sees these flaws as a way to get a leg up on the competition.

3 Spend your time

Spend your time during the pageant making friends and getting to know people. This will give you less time to prepare yourself for your own appearance onstage, and therefore reduce your chances of scoring high with the pageant judges, but will earn you big points in the race for Miss Congeniality.

4 Be a weak contestant

Be a weak contestant. Other pageant girls are not likely to vote someone as Miss Congeniality if they feel they are a threat to win the crown. By not being a true contender for the top prize, you up your odds of being Miss Congeniality.

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