How to Change the Way Girls Think About You

You're handsome and you know it.
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Whether you are always a friend -- and never a boyfriend -- or a guy who simply wants ladies to pay more attention, making an intentional effort to change perceptions can be an effective way to get what you want. Reinvent yourself and you'll create the reality you're hoping for, one in which the girls sit up and take notice.

1 Change Your Thinking

In his book "Mother Night," the philosophical novelist Kurt Vonnegut wrote, "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." The fact is, you turn into whoever you think you are. If you want the cute girl in your chemistry class to think of you as an interesting and attractive guy, think of yourself that way. The ladies will notice.

2 Stand Proud

You don't want to go around bragging, but letting the girls know you've got it together won't hurt. For example, instead of going around complaining that you don't have a ride, let them know that you and your bike participated in the latest triathlon. When you project a confident and together persona, you will increase your attractiveness and completely change perceptions. Instead of viewing you as that broke guy without a car, they will see you as a fab athlete. Apply this principle of awesomeness to any area of your life in which you feel insecure.

3 Pay Attention to Appearance

When you meet people, they form a perception based on very limited data, such as your body language, voice and appearance, says best-selling psychology author Leonard Mlodinow in the Psychology Today article "How We Are Judged by Our Appearance." For this reason, if you want to change girls' perceptions, you'll need to make sure your appearance matches what you want them to believe. For example, if you are tired of being perceived as the "friend" rather than a potential boyfriend, pluck that unibrow and iron your shirts before you leave the house.

4 Cultivate Your Inner Romeo

Almost half of women like romantic guys, reports a study conducted by "Men's Health." Take yourself out of "friend" mode. The next time you are hanging out with a girl you find attractive, pick a flower and casually hand it to her. Write a poem and message it to a few girls you are friends with. Before you know it, women will be thinking of you as a leading man rather than someone who plays a supporting role.

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