Man reading newspaper in chair.

New parents want to share their joy with others, and publishing a birth announcement in a local newspaper allows them to do that. Because first-time parents might not know how to write one of these announcements, many newspapers provide a template that can be followed. If the newspaper does not have a template, parents can still write an effective announcement just by knowing what information to include.

Announcement Information

Birth announcements for newspaper publication should begin with the names of the parents and their location, followed by the gender of their new baby, his full name and the birth details. This opening part of the announcement might read "John and Jane Doe of Acme Town announce the birth of their daughter, Jill Ann Doe, on January 1, 2014, at 6 p.m. at Acme Town Hospital." Generally, parents also add the weight and measurement of the new baby. Parents may also choose to mention the names of siblings, grandparents or other family relations in the announcement. If safety is a concern, parents can choose to leave out location information, such as their hometown or the hospital’s name.